Faller Hit Train

Faller Hit Train was the ultimate 0-gauge (32mm gauge) plastic toy train system of the seventies. Amongst my father's collection of catalogues there were two by Faller: I was fascinated by the bizarre and colourful trains shown within, but never saw any. Later, as an adult I encountered a few pieces, and, with the help of advertisements in German model railway magazines, began to acquire some. Then I visited Eurospoor as well, which helped, and started buying it on ebay.

Faller started producing a fantasy range: the two colourful locomotives (one steam, one electric) date from the start in 1970; later they produced the more serious black tank locomotive (1972), the Henschel diesel (1977) and the tender loco (1978).

Initially the range was promoted for both boys and girls, which probably explains the wonderfully bright, unusually outlined items. Look out for the figures in the fantasy coach, especially the dog!

The quality of the range is excellent: the battery powered trains run reliably at a reasonable pace. The track geometry is well thought out and complex layouts are easily assembled. The range of accessories was good, too: especially the later cardboard and vacuum formed buildings.

Hit Train was made in the main factory in Gütenbach, in the Black Forest in Germany and also at the former Hoffmann factory in Braunau am Inn, Austria.

Sadly production of Hit Train ceased in 1980.